Vibe Property Management & Services

Vibe Property Management & Services

VIBE is a Property Management Company based in Ottawa, We strive to provide owners and investors with quality services to ensure that their properties are well maintained and in good condition all year long

​VIBE Property Management was co-founded to help property owners and investors manage and maintain their properties to high quality standards.

​We are committed to providing the same care and dedication to the properties we manage as we do to our own. In this business, it is the extra attention to detail and careful follow up that makes the difference and ensures that properties stay in good condition through every season.

For property owners, this is vital in order to keep down long-term and reoccurring costs, ensure the properties are attractive to renters and/or buyers, and to get the best return on their investments. g

To help with this, VIBE provides property management services that include:
Leasing and marketing of rental properties
Garbage and recycling management
Landscaping and garden maintenance
Snow removal


Address: 185 Hopewell Ave, Ottawa, ON K1S 2Z4

Phone: +16139835404


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